Ready for February?

This week’s blog features a few random suggestions to get you ready for February!
As always, send me any thoughts or suggestions.


  1. Instant Activity to Celebrate American Heart Monthfile-jan-29-8-32-02-am

    • Title: Jumping with Soul
    • Equipment: 2 or more dice; Music (suggested “Shining Star”)
    • Set-Up: Create pairs of parallel lines with 6-8 students in each. Place two dice at one end of each line.
    • Activity Procedures: When the music starts, the student at the head of each line rolls one die.  The student will then perform that number of imaginary jump rope tricks moving down the “soul train” line. The process is completed by the next student in each line.
    • Need some jump rope skill ideas?  Use this link:
  2. February’s DEAM Calendar

  3. Suggest App: Sworkitfile-jan-29-8-31-15-am

    • Choose from a variety of video routine between 5 to 60 minutes in length.  This is a great app for a quick warm-up or an extended fitness routine.  Check it out (
  4. file-jan-29-8-31-41-amNYSAHPERD CSZ Mini-Conference: Engaging Physical Education, OPEN to All

  5. NYSAHPERfile-jan-29-8-31-04-amD CSZ Mini-Conference: Comprehensive Physical Activity Ideas

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