1 – An Instant Activity Ideaheart-tag

“Heart Tag”

  • Equipment:                Cones, Blue & Red Bean Bags, Blue & Red Hula Hoop, 4 Small Noodles
  • Set-up:                   Divide playing area into 4 quadrants using cones. Identify one student to be the tagger in each. Give half of the students a blue bean bag and the other half a red bean bag.  Place 2-3 extra bean bags in a hula hoop at the start lines.
  • Procedure:                     The object of the game is for the students holding blue to safely make it through the right side (of the heart) without getting tagged. The same for red on the left side.  If students safely make it through the two quadrants on their half of the heart, they jog back to the start and trade colors.  The blue players have entered the lungs and become red.  The red have delivered the oxygen and are now on the blue side.  When a tagger tags someone, that player trades places and becomes the new tagger.


2 – A Brian Boost Idea


  • Group students in pairs. Partner 1 tosses and catches/juggles 2+ scarves. Partner 2 names three (or more) items related to subject, pausing a second in-between each.  Then, Partner 1 stops and attempts to name the same three items in the same order (Examples: name three spelling words, science terms, compound words, colors, factors, etc.).  Try it supercharged: Partner 2 performs jumping jacks while naming three items.


3 – App Idea

“Tabata Stopwatch Pro”

  • Use this app for intervals for all fitness related activities. Tabata Stopwatch Pro has a variety of options that allow users to customize and personalize the settings. This app works great with the fitness activities described below.


4 – OPEN Idea



5 – Your Ideas


  • Who is planning to go to Boston?  If you will be there, please reach out to me and let me know.  If you are presenting, let me know when.  The titles of my sessions are “Engage your School in Comprehensive Physical Activity” and “Pre-K Physical Activities: OPEN Now.”
  • I would love to include more ideas to my CSPAP session.  If you have answers to these questions, please send a comment (below) or an e-mail to
    • How do you engage families?
    • What is your favorite “Brain Boost?”
    • Do you have any ways to make recess better?
    • How to you encourage staff to


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