5 Ways to Get Moving


SHAPE America defines a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP) as a multi-component approach by which school districts and schools use all opportunities for students to be physically active, meet the nationally-recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day, and develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime. Today’s blog highlights an activity from each component of the CSPAP model.

  1. Physical Education: Match Me If You Can
  1. After School (or Recess): ANY Ball
    • Set-up: This activity can be played by 4 or more players. Place a poly spot to represent “Home Base”. Place a spot about 10 paces away to represent the “Pitcher”. Two players stand behind the pitcher as fielders. One (or more) player(s) stand at “Home Base”.
    • Description: Today’s activity is called Any Ball. One player will be up and will perform the designated skill… Teacher can choose ANY skill (kicking, striking, throwing, etc.). Once the player kicks/hits/slaps the ball, he/she performs a fitness exercise. A point is scored for each rep… Choose ANY fitness exercise (jumping jacks, push-ups, laps around a cone, etc.). The fielding teams will work together to collect the ball and return it to the pitcher.  The pitcher must keep one foot on the pitcher’s spot. Once the pitcher catches the ball, the player stops doing the exercises. Rotate positions and repeat.  Teacher can add ANY rules that you want to allow players to be successful!
  1. Classroom Brain Boost: Pass the Potato
    • Have students get into pairs. Give each pair one bean bag. Have each group play catch, while music is playing. Ask students to take turns saying something, such as vocabulary terms, foods from a food group, words that start with “__”, or anything else). When the music stops, the student without the bean bag scores a point.   Play the supercharged version and have students run in place during this activity.
  1. Family Engagement: Try Something New
    • Encourage students to try a new fruit or vegetable. Have them go to the fruit/vegetable section of any grocery store. Look for a food that you have not tried before.  Buy it, take it home, and eat it. Ask them complete this form:  fruit-vegetable-questionaire.
  1. Staff Involvement: Step Challenge
    • During the month of February, encourage teachers to borrow a pedometer from you (or the PE teacher). Have staff set personal goals. They can track their progress using this form: staff-step-challenge.

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