New Year, New Resources



I am headed to TN to do a PD for Greeneville.  I am looking forward to sharing some of these resources with them on Tuesday.  Here they are for all of you!


  1. DEAM Calendar (January 2017)
  • Give this (deam-jan-2017) to students and encourage them to be active at home!


  1. Slam Ball
  • Thinking of submitting this for an OPEN 60+ After School Activity. Please try it and let me know how it can be better.
  • Equipment:
    • 1 hoop AND 1 ball per two (or four) players
  • Set-up:
    • Two players stand on opposite sides of a hoop at least one step away. If sharing a hoop, two other players can stand perpendicular at the same hoop. One player starts holding the ball.
  • Procedure:
    • The first player throws the ball into the hoop. The second player attempts to catch it.
    • If sharing a hoop with 4 players and the two balls collide, this is a ‘slam’ and the two players that threw the ball switch opponents.
  • Scoring:
    • Ball does not hit inside the hoop (point for receiving player)
    • Ball hits inside hoop, but does not bounce at least 1 step away from hoop (point for receiving player)
    • Ball hits inside hoop and bounces over the head of the receiver (point for receiving player)
    • Ball is not successfully caught by receiving player (point for serving player)


  1. OPENphysed Tag of the Month


  1. Research on Physical Activity and Academic Achievement


  1. Handout


  1. My students love slam ball. I play using tables as well. Also, passed out your January calendar. Students are excited. Thanks for the resource. Will you have a Feb. Calendar as well?

    1. Michelle,
      I LOVE that your students love Slam Ball. It will be added to OPEN soon, which will allow more teachers to learn how to play!
      I will be posting a February calendar next week. I will also have a word version to allow for customization.
      Thanks for sending a comment.

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