Becoming Obsolete


I recently presented a session at NYS AHPERD with Tom Winiecki.  I first met Tom when I was working on my National Board Certification (NBCT).  Tom was already a NBCT and I reached out to him to get some advice.  His help was instrumental!  Since then, Tom has been a good friend that I continue to learn from.  We came up with a proposal for our state conference titled “I Want to Be Obsolete; Over and Over Again.”  The general gist of this session is that teachers should use a backward design approach when lesson planning to align activities to SHAPE America Grade Level Outcomes.  If teachers use a standards-based approach to instruction, their students should develop the relevant physical literacy.  Thus, when students graduate (it doesn’t matter from what grade) they will have acquired the necessary skills.

TOP 5 Take Aways

  1. Here is a link to our presentation
  2. Here is a link to the SHAPE America Standards and Grade Level Outcomes
  3. OPEN is a curriculum resource that we referenced. OPEN is a FREE standards-based curriculum resource that is aligned with the national standards.
  4. US Games has made OPEN their public service. If you saved any of your budget for December, there is a very generous sale (20% off & free shipping) taking place until 12/23/16.  Use flyer code 7G or click the link below.
  5. Last, but not least, I would be remiss if I did not give a plug for National Board Certification.  It is an extremely rewarding process.  Tom actually became the first PE teacher in NYS to recertify.  There are grants to reduce the cost, so don’t be scared away by $$.  For more information, use the web link below.

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