Engaging Activities, OPEN to All


I presented a workshop at a conference and promised to share the resources with those participants.  I am using this blog to facilitate this process.  If you were not at the session, you are still welcome to check out the information.  Enjoy!

  1. PowerPoint
  2. OPEN
    • All activities from my session were taken directly or adapted from OPEN (www.OPENphysed.org).  OPEN has one mission: to improve the effectiveness of physical education for every child. Equity of Access is essential for empowering the entire physical education community. US Games has made OPEN their public service. That’s why OPEN will always be free.
  3. Other Resources Mentioned
    • Plickers (plickers.com)  is an easy way of collecting formative data quickly and effectively. Best of all, you can do it without paper and pencils.
    • Remind (remind.com) is one way teachers/coaches can communicate with students/players and families. You can join the OPEN group by sending a text message to the number “81010” and typing “@openphysesd” as the message.
    • Twitter (www.Twitter.com) is a great was to connect with other physical education professionals.  IF you are new to Twitter here is a list of people to follow (https://twitter.com/physed/status/778807115683028996).
  4. Presenter’s Network
  5. US Games
    • OPEN would not be possible without the generous support of US Games (www.usgames.com).  A portion of every equipment purchase is invested into OPEN.  The next time you need equipment, please consider US Games.  I manage the northeast, including states from PA to ME.  Let me know if I can a assist you.

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