5 Ideas to Promote Physical Activity

We all know the benefits of physical activity.  If you want to know more, just ask Google or visit the CDC webpage to find more information on this topic.  This week’s blog highlight’s five resources to increase physical activity outside of the physical education setting.  Please realize that there are many other websites in addition to the ones that I have referenced.  By no means have I ranked these in order of superiority, but rather have listed the five I am most familiar with.

1. Move at Home Calendar

This was an easy pick to include, because I developed it.  It is a calendar for students to take home that promotes healthy choices with their family.  I have provided it in the MS Word format for easy customization (DEAM calendar).

2. JAM (Just-a-Minute) School Program

Visit http://www.jamschoolprogram.com/ for FREE resources that educators can use to incorporate physical activity into the school environment.  One great option that is the JAMmin’ Minute Exercises (JAMmin’_Minute).

3. Alliance for a Healthier Generation

This site (https://www.healthiergeneration.org/) has so many options for people who work with kids.  If you have not seen all that is available, I encourage you to do so!  I am including a direct link to videos that will engage youth in movement.

4. Active Academics

This is a resource for teachers to provide physical activity ideas that can be integrated into classroom subjects.  On the homepage (www.activeacademics.org/), you can register for free.  Click here for a sample math activity.

5. American Heart Association

The AHA Educator Page is loaded with useful resources.  On this site, you will find information on Jump Rope for Heart, Hoops for Heart, NFL Play 60 Challenge, and Healthy Ways to Grow.

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