Dice Charts

Happy New Year Friends! 

Is it cliche to say that time flies? It might not be for you, but it definitely is for me because I say it all the time! 2017 went by in a flash and the fact that I am constantly reminded of is that time moves quicker the older I get!

Last month I send out on Twitter my favorite Dice Activity Charts.  Not everyone is on Twitter or catches every Tweet, so I figured I would add them to a post. If you are not on Twitter, I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out.  To help, here is a list of some #PhysEd professionals to follow.

When I taught elementary PE I found that students really enjoyed activities when I used dice.  I only used them on occasion, so maybe that had something to do with their popularity. If you need dice, I suggest these foam dice from US Games.

All of the charts below were inspired from a chart I helped create as part of the OPEN Development Council.  I am sure you have heard of OPEN by now, but if not I have one older post that has more information.  Another member of the OPEN team, Joey Feith, also has a very helpful blog post. If you don’t follow Joey’s blog, you should. He is a #PhysEd rock-star!

1) Fitness Chart (original)dice chart pic1

This is the original form that can be found in the 3-5 Fitness Module on OPEN. The Fitness Module was designed to provide teachers with ideas for activities that make it easier to put fitness assessment into practice. When I was teaching I used FitnessGram.

For a copy of this chart click here.


2) Fitness Chart (my version)dice chart2

This chart is virtually identical to the one above with some minor changes.  You will see that math concepts are integrated including skip-counting in the red column and addition/subtraction in the orange column.

For a copy of this chart click here.


3) Flying Disc Chartdice chart3

In this chart the purple column integrates flying disc skills.  This is a great review of skills toward the end of a unit (modify for any skill/concept).

I really like these foam discs from US Games. Code “4Y” gets you 20% off.

For a copy of this chart click here.


4) Jump Rope Chartdice chart5

There are a variety of jump rope skills included within this chart. Students can practice individual, partner, and long rope skills.

Have you ever tried the AHA Jump Rope for Heart event?

For a copy of this chart click here.


5) Classroom Chart dice chart4

Share this chart with classroom teachers. They can change the purple (and/or other columns) to review relevant concepts/materials.

The CSPAP page on SHAPE America has lots of information to help teachers advocate for increasing physical activity.

For a copy of this chart click here.

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