Early Childhood Activities


I recently presented an Early Childhood Session at a conference and promised to share the information with those participants.  I am using my blog to facilitate this process.  If you were not at my session, you are still welcome to check out the information.  Enjoy!

  1. Session Handout
    • If you are interested in the handout from the recent OPEN – Early Childhood session, please click here: ec-session-summary.
  2. Preview Documents
  3. OPEN
    • OPEN is a FREE resource. We launched in March of 2015 with the goal of positively impacting the physical education and physical activity levels of every child. US Games has made OPEN their public service, which is why it is equitable and available at no cost.  Please register today using this link (OPENphysed.org/register).
  4. Co-Presenters
    • I have to give a big shout out to some individuals that I have presented OPEN- EC with. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!
      • Helena Baert (https://sites.google.com/site/drbaertpesite/) – Presenting the first OPEN – EC workshop with you in Cortland, NY was amazing. You go above and beyond with everything you do!
      • Matt Bristol (http://mbristol7.wixsite.com/putneycentralpe) – SHAPE VT was a blast. Your energy is contagious.  Thank you for making a positive impact of the students at your school, state, and beyond!
      • Amy Gagnon (http://www2.ccsu.edu/faculty/agagnon) – Who works while they could be on vacation… you! Thanks for submitting content for OPEN – EC.  You inspire those around you every day. Here we come NJ!
      • Lynn Hefele (http://www.lepeinc.com/) – The movement stories that you created for OPEN – EC are so creative. You passed the test, it’s now official, you are the best, and that’s no bull… and that is why you write stories and not me!
  5. Don’t Forget…
    • If you need scarves, bean bags, hula hoops, ropes, or any other piece of equipment, US Games would love to earn your business. You can reach a representative by calling 1-800-405-3490 or visiting usgames.com.
    • Please help us spread the word. Pass along the OPEN – EC resources to anyone and everyone you know.  Please let me know if you meet anyone that would like more information about OPEN or the possibility of scheduling a workshop.

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