Top 5 Things about OPEN

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Online Physical Education Network (OPEN) believes that every teacher and every child deserve an outcomes-based curriculum. This curriculum project uses a backward design that targets SHAPE America’s National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes and best of all, it is totally FREE! OPEN has one mission: to improve the effectiveness of physical education for every child. Below are the top five things you may or may know about OPEN, along with sample links from the website ( where complete modules can be accessed.


1) Lesson Plans  > > >  I-01-03-SoccerSkills-Activities_01_Scramble

  • Each activity plan includes detailed procedures, student targets, grade-level outcomes, modifications/progressions, academic language, debrief questions, and much more!
  • Lesson plans are available in both pdf and word formats. The word formats allow teachers to modify and adapt each document to best suit a teacher’s style, as well as the needs or their students.


2) Academic Language  > > >  P-03-05-LMS-AcademicLanguage

  • OPEN’s instructional design reflects current research and best practices to ensure academic rigor in the physical education classroom.
  • The academic language cards are just one example of how teachers can incorporate ELA common core strategies.


3) Self Assessment  > > >  I-04-07-BasketballSkills-StudentSelfAssessment

  • Each student self-assessment provides a tool for formative assessment. In addition, students can set individual goals as they work to improve each skill.


4) Station Cards  > > > P-04-06-HandSkills-StationCards

  • Station cards are designed with informational text, illustrations, and icons.
  • These station cards can be used at the end of a unit to review skill and concepts.


5) Teacher Evaluation  > > >  I-02-10-PSR-TeacherEvaluation

  • Each module includes a self-evaluation and reflection guide that allows teachers to document their own performance.
  • Teachers know the importance of reflection. This easy to follow template allows us identify both strengths and areas for professional learning.



All of this and more is available for a variety of units at both the primary and intermediate levels. The website is Visitors will have to set-up a username and password (again, it is free), and then all of the content can be downloaded with one easy click! Please help spread the word about OPEN!

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