I am not great about using Twitter as effectively as some. I do not tweet, re-tweet, or favorite other tweets. My excuse is very common… “I am too busy!” My time is limited by teaching, coaching (track and soccer), and various other civic responsibilities. Therefore, Twitter often takes a back seat. When I do go back and checkout all of the great stuff that is out there, it makes me realize that there are some truly impressive physical educators with amazing ideas/material. After reviewing what others have posted over the past few days, I found my Top 5. Enjoy!


1)      Purposeful PhysEd
@JoeyFeith: @CollinBrooksie I made this video to kinda explain the whole process (which I call Purposeful #PhysEd): #pechat


2)      Apps for PE
@mrrobbo: Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 32 –


3)      Health Related Lesson Ideas
@PEScholar: Health Related Exercise – 6 Plans + Handbook – on #PEScholar at


4)      Study on Childhood Obesity
@SPARK_Programs: Childhood obesity more expensive than a year of college – SFGate via @SFGate


5)      National Physical Education and Sport Week is fast approaching!
@SHAPE_America: Need quick + easy ideas for #natpeweek?! Check em out via Southern District Health TOY Amy Prior @priorteach!

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