AAHPERD Convention 2014



“Top 5 PE Sessions (2014 AAHPERD Convention)”

I was not fortunate enough to attend this year’s AAHPERD National Convention. I have been to some in the past and they helped me to realize a few things. First, there are many great PE teachers and advocates willing to share their ideas. Second, there are resources from most presenters for teachers to use. Finally, everyone can learn something new from all of the presenters, sessions, and/or resources.

Even though I was not in attendance, I still took advantage of the latter. Since the resources are available on-line, I was able check out the PowerPoint presentations and handouts from some really cool sessions. Below are five sessions that I recommend. The full list of available materials can be found at http://aahperd.confex.com/aahperd/2014/webprogram/start.html.


1)      Common Core and YOU: Making Connections

Aaron Hart is a good friend and an excellent presenter.  I learn something new every time I attend one of his sessions.  Common Core is a hot topic and I would have definitely been at this one.
2)      Unpacking the Revised National Standards for K-12 Physical Education

If you did not know, AAHPERD (or SHAPE) recently released new national physical education outcomes for elementary, middle, and high school. I would have loved to have learned more about them. This link in the PPT is old, so to view the outcomes use this link instead: http://www.shapeamerica.org/standards/upload/Grade-Level-Outcomes-for-K-12-Physical-Education.pdf


3)      Connecting What YOU Do to NBPTS: An Interactive Session

I already received national board certification so this session (and the information that is included in this link) is perfect anyone considering the process. I highly recommend it!


4)      Super PE? Don’t Forget Your C.A.P.E. (Creative Activities for PE)

http:/ /aahperd.confex.com/aahperd/2014/webprogram/Handout/Session58099/Super-Programs-CTriolet.pdf
I have seen one of Chad Triolet’s presentations in the past and use his ideas all of the time.  If you click on this link, you will find easy suggestions that you will be able to use immediately. My favorites are his bag games, because they cost nothing!


5)      PLAY with AAHPERD TOYs: Physical Literacy Activities for Youth

This session had to be one of the best!  The ideas are always incredible when you put all of the TOYs together and have them share their best ideas.  Check out the documents from this link for sure!


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