Parachute Activities (K-3rd)









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“5 Favorite Parachute Activities”

1) Cat and Mouse

Everyone holds the chute stretched out at about waist height. Someone becomes a mouse and goes underneath. Someone else becomes a cat and goes on top. The rest of the group tries to hide the mouse by moving the chute up and down.


2) Mountain Climber

Raise the parachute into the air and then bring it to the ground kneeling on the outside. Call a color. The color that is called climbs the parachute mountain until they reach the middle (careful not to crash into the other climbers)! Crawl back (no walking on the parachute)!


3) Superman

Everyone holds onto the parachute at one end of the gym. Pick two students to be the superheroes (they should be facing the opposite end of the gym). On the count of “three” raise it up over everyone’s head. The teacher yells “release” and everyone except for the superheroes should let go of the parachute and take a step back. The superheroes run holding onto the parachute behind their backs (like a cape).


4) Person Spin

Pick 2-3 students to sit in the middle of the parachute. Everyone else then walks in a circle wrapping the inside students as they go (stop wrapping before the parachute gets to their neck). On the count of “three” everyone moves quickly back to their starting spot, which will spin the inside students around!


5) Shark Attack

Everyone sits on the ground with his or her legs stretched out under the parachute while the chute is held chest high. One or two children crawl around under the chute and are the “sharks.” They quietly grab the legs of anyone around the perimeter, and pull them under the canopy. They now swap places and crisscross their legs.

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