Tag Games (3rd – 6th)

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“5 Favorite Tag games (3rd-6th)”

Please see my previous post for a list of the routines that I use.

1)      Fitness Tag

  • W.T. (when tagged)- leave the boundary (in my gym, the black rectangle).
  • T.B.F. (to be freed)- perform 5 exercises of their choice (push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, lunges, squats, etc.)
  • Thought- Have students perform a different exercise every other time they get tagged.

2)      Flying Disc Tag

  • S.S. (Special Set-up)- Use 5 foam flying discs.  Taggers have a foam disc and attempt to tag someone by throwing the disc and tagging them below the knees.
  • Note- I add a rule that taggers must be one giant step away in order to tag.  This prevents a player from getting too close.
  • W.T.- The tagged student becomes the tagger.
  • Note- No tag backs.

3)      Versus Tag

  • S.S.- Divide boundary area in half (I use the mid-court line).  Have 2 different colored noodles to identify different taggers (i.e. 2 blue & 2 red).  Place paired taggers on each half of the boundary.  Divide rest of the students in half, placing half on each side.
  • W.T.- students must go to the other side.
  • Note- They can only go to the other side after being tagged.
  • Object- When teacher stops, the taggers with less students on their side “wins.”

4)      Partner Blob

  • S.S.- I do not use noodles for this tag game.  Pick two students to be ‘It’ and have them link hands or elbows.
  • W.T.- link onto the ‘blob’ that did the tagging.
  • Rule- Once a blob has 4 students, it slits in half (2 blobs or 2 students each).
  • Note- blobs keep tagging and spitting until every student is tagged.

5)      Superhero Tag

  • S.S.- Line students at one end of the gym (going lengthwise).  Have taggers stand in the middle.
  • Note- You can decide to make the taggers the superheroes who are trying to capture (tag) the villains or vice versa.
  • To start- Taggers shout “3, 2, Run.”  This cues students to run from one end of the gym to the other.
  • Safety- I still use boundary lines to prevent students from crashing into walls.  I also do not let students dive or slide.  If they do, it counts as being tagged.
  • W.T.- students squat or kneel down.
  • T.B.F.- a student links (hands or elbows) and the linked pair must run together to the other side of the gym.
  • Rules- If linked pair becomes unlinked or if either one of them gets tagged, then they are BOTH out and must squat or kneel.  If they safely make it to the end of the gym, then they are safe and can unlink.


  1. Nick what a great idea!!! Great work and I will use this site as a resources for my classes. Thanks so much..

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