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DEAM in Spanish

I want to send a huge shout out to Megaera Regan (@MegaeraR). Megaera is the 2020 SHAPE America Eastern District Teacher of the year. She teaches at Manorhaven Elementary in the Port Washington (NY) School District. In addition to being an incredible teacher, Megaera is one of the nicest people that I know.

Megaera helped make the translated DEAM Calendars a reality. After my post last month, Megaera messaged me and asked if it was possible to get the calendars in Spanish. Despite the five years of foreign language I took in high school, I can only say a few customary greetings today.

I love when someone asks a question and then offers to be part of the solution! Megara got to work and found one of her colleagues to help! Radha Roman Sprott who teachers ESL at Manorhaven Elementary School volunteered to make the translations. Thanks again Megaera and Radha!